Updates: Gallery Poulsen, Beautiful/Decay Magazine, New Website

  Summer doesn't officially start for another 2 weeks, but there's a heat wave here in New York.  I'm sweating over my keyboard to send this update.  I have a couple of fantastic things to share.

  If you missed it, I did a studio visit with Melissa Brown for Beautiful/Decay Magazine's website, which was republished on the Huffington Post.  Here's the original, and the HP link too.  Melissa is one of those amazing people who makes inexplicably good art, she doesn't need my help, but I tried to get her to talk about her inspirations.  There's a ton of pictures of the interior of her studio, which was set up partially for collage and drawing, and partially for printmaking.  In addition, Melissa just came out a week or two ago with a new silk screen which I like a lot; for a meager $100 you can get a print that could end up holding a place in art history, you can see that here.

 It was my good luck to land an interview in the upcoming print Beautiful/Decay, Book 6 "Future Perfect," with Corey Thompson.  Out of hundreds of amazing submissions Corey won B/D's contest based around the theme of "Future Perfect."  I got to grill him on his inspirations, work habits, utopian/dystopian ideals, and also his REALLY GREAT ART.   Great, for me, means something has both extremes of good and bad, and those coalesce to form a bigger meaning: the greater picture.  If you want to see what I mean, sorry, you can't see the interview online, because it's in the print mag.  You have to get a copy, and B/D sells out fast - so it's better to subscribe.  (I have an article/interview in the current Beautiful/Decay, Book 5 Psychonauts, about Saul Chernick and his a m a z i n g ink drawings, but, illustrating my point, it has saddled its horse and rode into the sunset, having already sold out.)

 Also, I'm very psyched to announce I'm in a group show: Bitches Brew - New Art from New York Part II, opening June 17th, at Gallery Poulsen in Copenhagen.  There's some amazing artists in the show, to name a few that I look up too: Tom Sanford, Aaron Johnson, and Michael Anderson.  In reality I'm in over my head with this crowd of art-world-giants, but that's the best way to grow. I like situations that make me push myself further, to paint/draw/write more eloquently, and this is one of them.  I revamped my website last week, that's here, there's links to my artwork, but also all the studio visits I've done for B/D which I am very proud of.

Here's Gallery Poulsen's press announcement for Bitches Brew:
English Version:

One year ago, Morten Poulsen opened his doors to new premises in the meatpacking district with an explosive temper assholes-gang from Brooklyn, New York.

Morten Poulsen found "The Irascible Assholes", as the seven contemporary artists back then called themselves, in a disused industrial area in New York. Here ghosts of past workers mingled with the kings of creativity in the shadow of blackened chimneys.

From one continent to another - a formerly vibrant industrial area to another - Morten Poulsen took them across the Atlantic and introduced Copenhagen for the young Americans, who currently dictate the art-scene of the world.

It's a year ago. Now they are back and they are over twice as many!

The former assholes have become bitches, and under the name "Bitches Brew" 18 men and women experiments with both pastel, ceramics, video, pipe cleaners, photography, textiles, painting and even a dying plant in order to get the message through.

With their individual works the mission is to paint a comprehensive picture of an America that is uncertain balanced on pillars of grotesque sexuality and natural decay - a breeding place where coincidences and reinventions pair up to become reborn again in an unprecedented form.

With more than 30 works the exhibition becomes a massive installation, where both video-works and installations contribute to a homogeneous experience of the bitches art, that communicates a contemporary picture of a changing world.

From the vulgar mundane to the grandiose stupid!!!


Ginger Shulick said...

Hi Bill: Nice to meet you the other day. Nice website you have here.

Bill Donovan said...

Hi Ginger, Thanks for finding me online. Hope you're doing well. B